Shakalaka was sent to Earth to test us mortals. Others say his purpose was to invent planking.

Shakalaka is a pure breed of alpha taru. That is if there were any alpha tarus.

Shakalaka's death toll in Vana'diel census is in thousands. Last three 0's don't show.

Shakalaka has a bard friend. Both are never seen together.

Shakalaka's favourite emote is >.<

Shakalaka is taller than you might think. But his hat will always be taller.

Shakalaka's morning regime comprises of run through Ifrit's Cauldron and Tunga solo.

Shakalaka's average deaths per nuke ratio was used to find last decimals of Pi.

Shakalaka has intervention every day of the week, albeit topics causing intervention are limited to taru dancers and Dastardly.